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In the heart of Brookfield, a city renowned for its lush parks and vibrant community spirit, each home tells a story. Ware Design Build is committed to turning these stories into reality, crafting homes that embody the aspirations and way of life of their residents.

Just as Brookfield's bustling Farmer's Market and serene Greenway Trail capture the essence of the city, we envision your home as a sanctuary of calm and delight. Be it rejuvenating a classic living room or redesigning a compact bathroom, our goal is to fulfill your vision for home remodeling.

Our team of local remodeling experts in Brookfield aren't just builders; we are part of your community, cherishing the distinct charm of Brookfield. Blending superior craftsmanship with a nuanced appreciation of local design trends, we're poised to transform your vision into a tangible, comforting experience.

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Brookfield's Design-Build Remodeling Services

Our design-build approach streamlines your remodeling journey. From conceptualization to the final flourish, we guarantee an effortless, enjoyable experience. Our integrated team handles every aspect, enabling you to witness your home's metamorphosis without the complexity of coordinating with multiple contractors. Our services in Brookfield include:

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Kitchen Remodeling in Brookfield WI

A kitchen is more than a cooking space; it's a venue of familial bonds, storytelling, and cherished memories. It's where your day starts, where festive meals are shared, and where late-night conversations happen. Transform your kitchen into a space of both utility and grace, a place that suits your lifestyle and exudes a welcoming vibe.

We begin by understanding your unique preferences. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast needing advanced kitchenware and ample space, or a homebody desiring a snug area for family gatherings, our collaboration will craft your ideal kitchen, ensuring every aspect, from layout to fixtures, matches your vision.

Our dedication goes beyond delivering an aesthetically pleasing kitchen. We aim to create environments that elevate your daily experiences, making every meal and gathering an enjoyable occasion. Explore the possibilities of a kitchen remodel in Brookfield, where your dream kitchen awaits creation.

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Basement Remodeling in Brookfield WI

Imagine your basement as an undiscovered country of opportunity. Below the everyday rhythm of life, it can become your personalized office, an energetic entertainment room, or a comfy home theater. Remodeling your basement not only adds valuable space but also substantially enhances your home's overall appeal and comfort.

The process starts with a comprehensive assessment of your existing space and your aspirations. Imagine a basement customized to your lifestyle, whether it's a state-of-the-art gym, a vibrant children's area, or a serene art studio.

With strategic planning, premium materials, and skilled craftsmanship, we turn your basement into not just a remodeled area, but a seamless expansion of your living space, introducing new possibilities for leisure, relaxation, and creative pursuits.

"The Ware team did a magnificent job in transforming our house. The uniqueness of our home - residential feel with commercial steel construction - was a challenge for most builders and designers. Not for Ware. Their unique combination of 2 companies - 1 for residential and 1 for commercial - was the PERFECT solution to our needs. We had the residential “touch” needed to refresh a commercial look and feel. The quality of work, attention to details and personal follow up by the project manager and even the CEO made us feel we were getting the best they had to offer. And all of this was done during the craziness of the 2020 flu. Highly recommend team Ware."

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Whole Home Renovations in Brookfield

When your current layout no longer aligns with your evolving lifestyle or your family's needs, consider a whole house renovation. This process provides a fresh start to redefine your living areas, aligning with your current preferences, all without the stress of moving.

We delve into what each room signifies to you, the memories they hold, and how a comprehensive renovation can meet your present and future requirements. Whether it's crafting an open-plan for communal activities, adding new rooms for growth, or updating dated sections for better functionality, we customize every element to harmonize comfort, practicality, and your distinct design style.

Whole house renovations aren't merely about changing spaces; they're about creating environments that enrich your everyday living. This journey is about reimagining what a home feels like, ensuring every room narrates a part of your life's unique story, all realized with expertise, care, and a flair for innovation.


Brookfield Home Additions & Expansions

When it's time to extend your living area, our Brookfield home addition experts are at your service. Many homeowners opt for extensions due to a profound connection to their current space, community, and the memories within their walls. Expanding rather than moving allows you to maintain these bonds while adapting your home to suit new life stages and requirements.

Whether you desire a sunlit conservatory to enjoy Wisconsin's natural beauty or an extra bedroom for your growing family, we ensure each addition feels like an intrinsic part of your home. Our expertise includes a wide range of additions, such as conservatories, extra bedrooms, master suites, expanded kitchens, additional bathrooms, home offices, and more.

Our team is dedicated to crafting spaces that align with your lifestyle. Rely on us to integrate your new addition seamlessly into your home's existing charm, ensuring a harmonious and beautiful outcome that you and your family will adore for years to come.


About Us: Your Local Home Remodeling Experts

Ware Design Build is deeply integrated into the Brookfield community. Our focus is revitalizing homes across the city, specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, extensions, and complete home transformations.

As a full-service design-build firm, we navigate our clients from the initial design idea through to construction completion. We're committed to turning your concept into a remarkable reality, promising a smooth process and a final result that surpasses your expectations.

We're known for our streamlined procedures, exceptional workmanship, and client satisfaction. For us, remodeling homes is more than a business—it's a journey of realizing dreams and fostering enduring connections within the Brookfield community.

Join our family of delighted homeowners in Brookfield who have entrusted their dreams to Ware Design Build. Experience the distinction of collaborating with a team genuinely passionate about crafting your ideal home. Reach out to us today to arrange your complimentary budget and design consultation.

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